Release Notes

The Scheduler for Jira Cloud

Easily set up recurring tasks and templates for repetitive issues.

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If you see blank page instead of Scheduled Issues table: please clear your browser cache.

Release Notes:

v3.1.1 (2022-05-12) UI optimization

  • SI table performance optimization

  • Deprecation of Access Manager

  • Bug fixing for Export SI Table

  • Display errors improvements

  • Minor UI/UX improvements

v3.1.0 (2022-04-20) Second part of new UI has come

  • Second part of new common UI has been introduced. This includes refreshed look of “Scheduled Issues” table.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Pagination configuration is now saved per user.

  • Column refinement and sorting feature for every possible column.

  • Updated and simplified guide brought for “Scheduled Issues” table.

  • Bulk actions organized based on default behavior and separated to two rows.

  • More user friendly and intuitive UI.

  • Small fixes.

v3.0.0 (2022-03-14) First part of new UI has come

  • First part of new common UI has been introduced. The new look is compatible with Jira guidelines

  • Fixed substituting “dueDate” predefined variable

  • Added “What's new” dialog where the latest most important information about changes in app can be found

  • Changed look of empty state

  • Calendars page: changed backwards arrow to breadcrumbs

  • Fixed filtering “Scheduled Issues” - table no longer crashes

  • Removed a release information banner - Use “What's new” dialog now

  • Improved a look of message banners

v2.13.1 (2022-02-24) jQuery CDN

  • Changed URL of jQuery CDN to be sure that the library can be downloaded from any region

v2.13.0 (2022-02-21) Beta migration from server to cloud

If you are interested in taking part in evaluating server->cloud migrator beta version, please let us know by raising ticket on our customer portal.

The beta migrates:

  • Scheduled issues,

  • Subtasks,

  • All standard fields and custom fields (excluding custom fields managed by 3rd part apps),

  • Predefined variables,

  • Execution options.

Beta phase will last by 8 March 2022.

v2.12.3 (2022-02-08) “Access Manager” is in read only mode

  • Made the “Access Manager” read only - The Scheduler will use only Jira permissions after 10th May 2022

  • Improved “Created By The Scheduler” view

  • Improved “Execution History” dialog

  • Fixed an initialization fixed sprints error

  • Security improvements

v2.12.2 (2022-01-27) Improvements and under hood changes

  • Added ability to choose fixed sprint from different project

  • Improved execution history view to make it more clear

  • Project lead can be chosen as a notification fallback option

  • Export “Scheduled Issues” to CSV file - security field is supported now

  • Improved an appear of single text fields in “Scheduled Issue Preview” view

  • “Session has expired” notification doesn’t appear on issue view screen anymore, until you open the “Check template” issue glance

  • Fixed the choosing notification event recipient view - now you can see changing a notification event type

  • Improved performance of exporting Scheduled Issues with user fields

v2.12.1 (2021-12-13) Log4j (CVE-2021-44228)

  • “The Scheduler” has undergone a security audit and it was verified not vulnerable for CVE-2021-44228

  • Minor changes

  • The Scheduler section on created Jira issues - see if issue was created by the app, check its template and next occurance

  • Ability to see all issues created by app in issue navigator - It will show issues created after upgrade to version v2.12.0

  • Execution History for view of all or selected issues - easily spot latest created tickets (more improvements to this feature will come)

  • New “Created by The Scheduler” column on Statistics page

v2.11.2 (2021-09-07) Ability to skip next planned execution after manual execution

  • New manual execution feature - with new option, you can skip next planned execution after manual execution - it can help to stay on schedule with earlier creation of task when needed

  • More data in Export to CSV file generated from Scheduled Issues table data

  • Minor UI & UX improvements

v2.11.1 (2021-08-26) Improvements

  • Upcoming Executions - we improved messages and proposed actions

  • Minor UI/UX improvements on Failed Executions page and Execution History

  • Performance improvements (Scheduled Issues preview, failure messages)

v2.11.0 (2021-08-05) Upcoming Executions dialog

  • See all upcoming executions of SI from action menu

v2.10.1 (2021-07-29) Improvements

  • Optimized “Execution History” table

  • UI improvements in “Failed Executions” page

v2.10.0 (2021-07-12) Failed Executions page

v2.9.4 (2021-07-01) Bug fixing

  • Fixed installing "The Scheduler" after import data to Jira Cloud

v2.9.3 (2021-06-23) Bug fixing

  • Fixed ability to create new labels while filling “Scheduled Issue” data

  • Fixed creating “Scheduled Issue” in Team-managed service management projects

  • Improved messages in subtask manager

v2.9.2 (2021-06-09) JSM fields support

  • Support for multiple Jira Service Management fields added: Organizations, Parent link field, Request language field, Target end field, Target start field

  • Guide updated (description of new features)

  • Refreshed Execution History view (limit and timezone added)

  • Security improvements and minor bug fixing

  • Access Calendar Preview from SI Table

v2.9.1 (2021-05-12) Improvements

  • Ability to choose displayed timezone in Scheduled Issues Table and Preview

  • Visible errors details in Execution History

  • More info from table with .csv export

  • In expanded row see triggers expression readable human description

  • Improved labels hints in label fields

  • Minor improvements allowing to see full SI names and descriptions

v2.9.0 (2021-03-25) Improvements

  • Manual execution features: Ability to set or add a user who manually executed Scheduled Issue to multi user picker field

  • Ability to choose 'Project Lead' as notification recipient

  • Improved versions hints in version type fields

  • Scheduling improvements

  • Support for "Story Point Estimate" field

v2.8.1 (2021-02-26) Technical improvements

  • Support 'Modified at' and 'Modified by' fields for SI

  • Features improvements

  • Minor bug fixing

v2.8.0 (2021-01-29) Custom permissions

  • We created new global custom permission “The Scheduler: Access” - wrapping access to app, make sure to inspect that permission access group

  • The Scheduler Access Management (in app project settings) will be deprecated by 1 February 2022, by that time please shift all users to project permission “The Scheduler: Use”

  • Read more about:

  • Security updates and improvements

  • Security improvements

  • Option for executing SI right after creation

  • Info about creator and creation date of SI in expand row

  • Manual execution features polishing (flags and warnings on execution)

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Subtasks number increased to: 10

  • Ability to choose trigger timezone

  • Manual execution features: Ability to set ‘single user’ field type value as user who manually executed Scheduled Issue, eg. Assignee or Reporter

  • Option to ignore fail and proceed with next planned execution

  • Export data from scheduled issues table to CSV

  • New build-in page ‘Get started’ with all the details, how to start using the app

  • Minor bug fixing

  • More bulk operations, in current release we’ve added ability to execute Scheduled Issues in bulk

  • No need to go through the whole wizard to edit SI trigger, there is a shortcut action: edit triggers

  • Number of SI subtasks visible in statistics

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Ability to remove Scheduled Issues in bulk

  • Release Banner include the most important changes in app

  • While sending feedback you can include email, so that we could get back to you

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Bulk change for enable & disable scheduled issues

  • Execution history fetching issues optimized

  • Initializing the initial issue status field fixed

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Display current issue status in execution history

  • Next performance improvements - auto refreshing scheduled issues table only if it's necessary

  • Scheduled issues table UI improvements

  • Saving user choice how many scheduled issues per page should be displayed

  • Scheduled issue preview UI improvements - you are able to edit SI directly from preview now

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Performance improvements - the scheduled issues loads faster

  • Gathering client feedback - we'd like to hear your opinion

  • Ability to enable scheduled issue guide again

  • Minor UI/UX improvements

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Fix issue with not found initial issue status

  • Fix issue with SI Table crashed while filtering scheduled issues

  • Ability to active SI when it's in failed state

  • Minor SI Table UI improvements

  • Under the hood changes for increase app performance

  • New Scheduled Issues table view - with walk-through guide:

  • Get started section with helpful information for projects without any scheduled issues

  • UI/UX improvements to match new Jira style

  • Minor SI table performance improvements - no more reloading data after close overview dialogs

  • Distinguish error SI table state - get rid of situation when scheduled issues can not be fetched, but everything looks fine

  • Ability to set initial issue status - feature requires you to manually update the app, if you don’t see this feature, ask your Jira Administrator to update app. Check documentation to read more about this feature:

  • Calendar UI/UX improvements, minor bug fixes

  • Scheduled Issue preview minor improvements

  • Changes in loading pages and modules

  • New trigger type "Run once" - schedule trigger which executes once then change its state to Expired

  • Support for the "Security level" field - remember app should have access to the level you wish to use

  • New predefined variables: previousShortMonth and nextShortMonth (more details here)

  • Improved performance of the scheduled issues table

  • Reindexing page was removed from app, it served its purpose

  • Security updates to meet all of Atlassian's security guidelines for Jira Cloud apps

  • Performance improvements resulting in The Scheduler loading quicker

  • Fixed issue with Scheduled Issues table disappearing after app update, now there is no need to refresh page cache

  • Next Execution date as a new type of dynamic date field value, now you can easily set due date matching the creation of next issue. It could be applied to any date field.

  • Ability to copy assignee value from parent to subtask with option ‘Copy from Parent’

  • Subtasks in next-gen projects

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Calendars UI improvements

  • Description formatting same as Jira

  • Subtasks enhancements

  • Ability to manage subtasks after clone scheduled job

  • Notification enhancements related to user profile settings

  • Updated links to predefined values

  • New variables for next and previous values

  • Formattable createdDate and dueDate: Predefined values in any issue fields

  • Predefined variables validation

  • Calendars loading enhancements on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and older versions of Mozilla Firefox web browsers

  • Compatibility with next-gen projects - fixed issue with required parent field

  • New Scheduled Issues table view - with walk-through guide

  • SI table view performance improvements

  • Notification enhancements related to user profile settings

  • Updated links to predefined values

  • UI/UX improvements to match new Jira style

  • Calendar improvements

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Project and global calendars with days off

  • Guide with calendars walk-through

  • Update link to predefined values

  • Update link to tutorial about advanced cron expression

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Opting-In for GDPR compliance to indicate readiness for migration API enablement

  • Scheduled issues statistics enhancement

  • Added active sprints handling for next-gen projects

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Technical improvements

  • Issue Links - ability to create Scheduled Jobs with specified links to existing issues

  • Execution history enriched with new modal showing details regarding failed executions of Scheduled Jobs

  • Security enhancement

  • Minor bug fixing

  • Minor technical improvements

  • Fix an issue with occasionally unsaved job executions

  • Fix an issue that causes "response code 500" when trying to generate trial license. It is known problem connected with "atlassian-connect" framework.

  • Technical improvements

  • Fix an error which occurs in the middle of cloning scheduled job with subtasks

  • Performance improvements

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements of user interface

  • Fix an issue with duedate field

  • Fix an issue with wrong calculation of user's timezone

  • Minor technical improvements

  • Minor bugfixing

  • Add support for scheduled sub-tasks

  • Fix time tracking legacy mode issue

  • Add support for Jira Sprint field

  • Add support for Single-line text field

  • Fix cascade list field issue

  • Fix an issue with some error messages not being recorded on Scheduled Issue fail

  • Fix an issue with priorities not being set properly in certain cases

  • Add week-based parsing for dueDate and createdDate variables (see variable support page)

  • Minor wizard improvements

  • Fix broken "Scheduled Issues Statistics" links

  • Add support for interval-based triggers - you can now schedule your issue based on time interval, such as every 2 weeks etc.

  • Add support for Team and Account Tempo fields

  • Optimize permission requirements - The Scheduler no longer needs BROWSE_USERS global permission that was preventing you from using our add-on on certain occasions

  • Fix Schedule Issue menu item issue that prevented it from showing for certain users

  • UI improvements

  • Minor bugfixing

  • Performance fixes

  • Minor improvements

  • Estimate field support - you can now set both Original and/or Remaining Estimate field values in your Scheduled Issues

  • Issue template validation improvements

  • Improved descriptions - you can now fit up to 1000 characters in your Scheduled Issue description

  • A number of wizard-related bugfixes

  • Add release notes - stay up to date with what The Scheduler team is bringing on each update

  • Execution dates preview - once you select a trigger, you will now see a preview of when the Scheduled Issue will be executed

  • Make create wizard more bulletproof

  • A number of UI improvements

  • Add Issue Template variables support

  • Advanced Access Management - you can now define The Scheduler access to various groups and project roles

  • Execution History improvements - you can now see who executed a Scheduled Issue in Execution History view

  • Dynamic dates support - you can now define any date field as a period relative to issue creation date

  • Add Last Execution Time and Next Execution Time columns to the Scheduled Issues table

  • Initial release for JIRA Cloud!