Mismatch between marketplace and displayed version

Jira hosting: Cloud

We got some similar questions from some of our users like “Why the installation shows version 2.1.6-AC (1) whereas the scheduler page says The Scheduler v2.7.3?" (2).



Difference is caused by cloud app versioning by Atlassian marketplace. Version number 2.1.6-AC is generated by Atlassian, even big changes in the app can receive small version updates. As a vendor we don’t have full control over this version changes.

While we would like to keep things organized with 2nd number referring to bigger releases and in sync with our app development planning, so we have a bit different versioning. Documentation reference our versioning eg. v2.7.3

This mismatch effect affects only Jira Administrators, because rest of the users don’t see information about marketplace version number (even on marketplace).