Since v6.4.0, Jira hosting: Server, Data Center

Since v2.8.0, Jira hosting: Cloud

The Scheduler transitions from Access Manager into ‘Jira style’ permissions with support for Global and Project custom permissions.

We used to have our Access Manager, however to ease the process of app management, we decided to shift towards Jira Permissions style. It would allow Jira administrators to set permissions easily and to verify permissions with permission helper. It would also make the experience of managing access to app the same for users of Cloud and Server.

By default Jira Administrators and Project Administrators have access to all Scheduled Issues in project.

With permissions app can be configured to allow certain Jira users/roles/groups to use the app and schedule issues.

Custom permissions created by app:

Global: The Scheduler: Access

This global permission is required for users to access the app on global level. Project and Global Administrators are granted this by default. This permission is like an app wrapper, on project level users are required to have permission “The Scheduler: Use”.

You need to have Jira administrative rights to mange this permission, here is an example from Jira Cloud configuration:

Global permission “The Scheduler: Access” granted to group jira-software-users

Project: The Scheduler: Use

Granting this permission allows to use the app for creating scheduled issues (create, edit, view, delete). Project and Global Administrators are granted this by default - to ensure app can be used and managed. Global permission “The Scheduler: Access” is required.

Project permission “The Scheduler: Use” granted to all users with Jira Software Access

This permission is required for users to use app e.g see app in the sidebar, see and use ‘schedule issue’ option on issue view etc.

It is recommended to use project roles with project permissions, as project roles can be assigned by project administrator - contact your Jira Administrator if you think that your project scheme could be optimized with use of special roles.

Jira Administrators and Project Administrators have access to all Scheduled Issues in project.


In the future we might extend app permissions to better organize work, if you have any ideas and needs let us know on our customer portal: The Scheduler - Support Portal


Project permissions required for users:

  • Browse Projects
    Ability to browse projects and the issues within them.

  • Create Issues
    Ability to create issues.

Without Browse Projects permission users cannot access projects, thus cannot access The Scheduler.

Create issue permission is required to create Scheduled Issues - templates, as those will be Jira issues when executed, and users without permission to create issues in projects should not be allowed to create or execute templates.