Dedicated JQL functions

Since: v6.1.0. Jira: Server, Data Center

Note that in Cloud, dedicated JQL functions are not available.

At some point you might want to see issues created with use The Scheduler, we have created 2 special function allowing you do so

In advanced JQL search, just start typing "issue in scheduler..." you will get a list of available functions:

schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues() - this function allows you to display all issues created by The Scheduler (even if Scheduled Issue was already removed)

  • without any parameters it will return all created by The Scheduler issues

    issue in schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues()


  • with project Key(s) it will return issues created in chosen project/projects

    issue in schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues(SSD,KSD)


schedulerGetGeneratedIssuesByName("") - this function allows to search for all issues created by specific Scheduler Issue, it requires exact name of that Scheduled Issue

issue in schedulerGetGeneratedIssuesByName("example")


Both of the functions are available to all users, even without access to The Scheduler

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