Dedicated JQL functions

Since: v6.1.0. Jira: Server, Data Center

At some point you might want to see issues created with use The Scheduler, we have created 2 special function allowing you do so

In advanced JQL search, just start typing "issue in scheduler..." you will get a list of available functions:

schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues() - this function allows you to display all issues created by The Scheduler (even if Scheduled Issue was already removed)

  • without any parameters it will return all created by The Scheduler issues

    1 issue in schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues()


  • with project Key(s) it will return issues created in chosen project/projects

    1 issue in schedulerGetAllGeneratedIssues(SSD,KSD)


schedulerGetGeneratedIssuesByName("") - this function allows to search for all issues created by specific Scheduler Issue, it requires exact name of that Scheduled Issue


1 issue in schedulerGetGeneratedIssuesByName("example")


Both of the functions are available to all users, even without access to The Scheduler