The SchedulerSkip next planned execution, after manual execution

Skip next planned execution, after manual execution

Since: v6.2.3. Jira: Server, Data Center

Since: v2.11.2. Jira: Cloud

Since version v6.2.3 (Jira Server and Datacenter) and version v2.11.2 (Jira Cloud) you have the ability to set trigger property to skip next planned execution when Scheduled Issue is created manually.

This feature will allow you to save the trouble of removing created tasks, when you need them before its time comes and create them manually. Eg. You have task running every 2 month, but this time you have time/data 1 week earlier and you can work on it now. With this feature you can create task now, and it will skip creation of 1 next task (for that trigger).

Jira Server, Data Center

  1. To set a Scheduled Issue with skipping option, you have to check it while adding Scheduled Issue trigger:

Notice there is a note that this trigger is skipping → Yes


2. When you save Scheduled Issue, on the details page, you can see in the triggers section it is showing flag indicating this issue will be ‘skipping’ IF it will be executed manually. (flag only avaiable on Jira Server, Datacenter)

When you decide to execute it manually, you will also see a warning message.


3. In Scheduled Issues table - issues skipping are marked with flag next to executions button, also next to trigger details


4. Now lets see what will happen, when you execute this issue:

  • first you will be notified this action will affect future issue execution (you can turn it off)

  • issue gets created,

  • state is changed into ‘Skipping’,

  • next execution date is striked through, it will not be created this time


5. When you check upcoming execution, you can see that next planned execution have action ‘skipping’


6. Done - enjoy using this new feature


Skipping state affects only 1 next scheduled execution, if you execute Scheduled Issue few times, it will still affect only 1 next execution. If you want to change it, you need edit Scheduled Issue and remove trigger with skipping flag


Jira Cloud

  1. You can create a Scheduled Issue with option to skip the next scheduled execution after a manual execution, as in this video.

2. When you try to execute a Scheduled Issue with the skip option, you will get a warning as shown in the following screenshot.

3. When this action is performed, after few seconds, the Scheduled Issue changes state from Active to Skipping.

4. Now you can enjoy this feature.

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