Upcoming Executions

Jira: Cloud

Recently we introduced feature allowing to see the list of future execution, it is available in actions column.

Upcoming executions location

By clicking on the button you will see the list of the future executions:

Example of future executions for chosen Scheduled Issue

In some cases there won’t be any dates visible because of the state of the Scheduled Issues, in table below you can see what you can expect:

Environment: Cloud

Environment: Cloud



Is table visible?

Message with action proposal




Manual Trigger

There are no planned executions!

You used Manual Trigger. To schedule upcoming executions please select recurring trigger.

Edit Trigger

with option Ignore Fail

Scheduled Issue errors

Last execution failed due to: [...]. You have checked “Ignore fail and proceed on next execution time” option. Please fix Scheduled Issue to be sure about upcoming executions.

Edit Scheduled Issue



There are no planned executions!

To check upcoming executions please enable Scheduled Issue

Enable Scheduled Issue



Scheduled Issue has expired

Future execution won’t occur due to Scheduled Issue expiration. To see future execution you would have to change trigger.

Edit Trigger



Scheduled Issue errors

Last execution failed due to: [...] Please edit Scheduled Issue to fix the problem

Edit Scheduled Issue



Upcoming execution warning

Last execution was Incomplete, Scheduled Issue might not be executed on listed dates. Please check template settings and fix any problems

Edit Scheduled Issue


We are working on improving messages in similar cases in Server & Data Center version of the app. When it’s ready we will merge it into this one page. To see it’s current version visit: https://psc-software.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SCHED/pages/2528541