Quick Sketch

Quickly create and sketch on image attachments directly on Jira Issues!
Draw diagrams, highlight bugs and problems directly on screenshots and more.
With Quick Sketch you don’t need any external graphics editors.


The main inspiration for Quick Sketch was a situation, where one of my collegues from QA team reported an issue with one of our app. There was also a screenshot attached to it with some more details marked on it - what and where exactly this problem occurred. I wanted to point out something on it... and here we are, after couple of weeks, with app for that. :D I also had some experience with developing simple drawing apps, so why not in Jira this time?

What it does

Quick Sketch allows you to create drawings and diagrams directly on Jira issue. You can also use existing attachment to draw on it, point or highlight something, or even drag/drop image from file or clipboard! After you done drawing you can then upload your sketch as attachment. There's also an option to add comment with your newly created sketch, for your convenience.

And besides standard drawing operations there are some additional tools that could be useful when working in business environment, like arrow for pointing at things on screenshots or highlighter for highlighting important parts.

Getting started

Jira Administrator: needs to install app

In order to use the app in Jira it needs to be installed by user with permission to install apps.

Please contact your Jira Administrator with links to our app if you would like to try it on your Jira.

Each user interested in using app: needs to allow access to their account for app

Forge apps are specific, they run in the Atlassian ecosystem and in most cases each user needs to grant access for the app. It looks like this:

  1. When you see new section from app, it will ask you to ‘Allow access’

  2. It will open a new page, where you need to authorize app

  3. When done, you will see the view created by app

How to use it

Just draw directly on Jira issues

Or sketch on issue attachments!

Save your sketches as attachments in issue with optional comment

You can highlight or select important regions of screenshot


Drag and drop image files or paste images from clipboard


All your work is automatically saved so you can continue it later


There is also bigscreen mode for bigger images


Select attachment to sketch on it


You can also draw diagrams


Support & Feedback

If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature or improvement please use our customer portal:


Please remember to choose the correct App from dropdown to make sure it reaches the correct team and it will speed up the process.

If you like our app and find it useful, please leave a rating and feedback - to let other users know about it

What's next for Quick Sketch

After Codegeist I want to add some more tools, especially for drawing UML diagrams. And there's always room for other improvements. I could work more on UI/UX side, especially on text tool and entering text for it. There's also an idea to add option for creating/editing animated gifs, so you can eg. show in different animation steps how to reproduce given problem. But it's a bigger feature for future. :) But for now, after whole Codegeist will end, hopefully we will release Quick Sketch publicly on Atlassian Marketplace!


To get more details about the development and challenges we had run into, check our Codegeist 2021 submission: https://devpost.com/software/quick-sketch-dqaxlj