Ticket Merger

Are you tired of duplicated issues?
Your customer replied from a different email address and created new issue?
With Ticket Merger you can easily merge many tickets into target issue or create new one!


In a lot of project, we’ve noticed so many issues, that are similar or even the same.

Mostly to find all information we needed, we had to go and find all of this issues that wasn’t linked and then link them to one issue. Even if all issues was linked, we didn't have all information in one place, we had to move around those issues and collect all information. Then we thought, what if we could merge them into one task!

What it does

Ticket Merger has one priority function, merging issues. From selected by user issues user can choose, if application will create new issue or edit existing one. Then in edit view, user have to provide all data, that he want to be populated on target issue. Application will show all values from selected issues so user do not need to type it, just simply click and choose what information are crucial.

Additionally Ticket Merger offer two actions after merge:

  • linking duplicated issues to parent.

  • removing duplicated issues from Jira (only if user has permissions!). So user can decide what to do with duplication to keep their Jira clean and neat.

Getting started

Jira Administrator: needs to install app

In order to use the app in Jira it needs to be installed by user with permission to install apps.

Please contact your Jira Administrator with links to our app if you would like to try it on your Jira.

Each user interested in using app: needs to allow access to their account for app

Forge apps are specific, they run in the Atlassian ecosystem and in most cases each user needs to grant access for the app. It looks like this:

  1. When you see new section from app, it will ask you to ‘Allow access’

  2. It will open a new page, where you need to authorize app

  3. When done, you will see the view created by app

How to use it

Merging issues is a simple 3 step process: Select issues, Merge fields, check the Results

Select issues

In this step you select issues source (of data) and target and make decisions what to do and if you want to apply linking etc.

Merge fields

Decide which values from field you want to use, you can add data by clicking on it. You can also type in or make modifications in text



When you fill all of the field use the ‘Merge issues’ button


When everything goes smooth you will see a confirmation of actions


That’s it! You just merged issues!

Support & Feedback

If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature or improvement please use our customer portal:


Please remember to choose the correct App from dropdown to make sure it reaches the correct team and it will speed up the process.

If you like our app and find it useful, please leave a rating and feedback - to let other users know about it

What's next for Ticket Merger

We planned some big improvements for Ticket Merger:

  • Add Intelligent default fields filling (using AI).

  • Add all standard fields for Jira Software.

  • Add all Jira custom fields.

  • Refactor code to use RXJS.

  • Add fields form Jira Service desk.

  • Create next actions after merge: Transition selected issues to certain state.

  • Create revert merge action - to revert changes made in specific Issue.

  • Show history of changes made with Ticket Merger.

  • Place Ticket Merger in more spots to give users easier access: In project view, In bulk actions (If it will be possible in Forge).

  • Add retry button to retry action that was invalid when sending data to issue.


Ticket Merger is a Codegeist 2021 Winner  Honorable Mentions