How to gather browser logs

When something is not loading on the page, sometimes it is caused by some browser error or by other script blocking loading of the data eg. caused by 3rd party apps or even browser add-ons.

To troubleshoot reported issue we need to analyze browser logs.

Here are steps required to gather those logs (based on Chrome browser):

  1. Navigate to page with problem (not rendered element, blocked button, wrong display, nothing happens after clicking button etc.)

  2. Refresh page 

  3. If the issue is related to some action (eg. button not working), perform this action

  4. Open Developer Tools (in most browsers "F12")

  5. Navigate to "Console" tab

  6. Right click on the the console area

  7. Click "Save as..." and save file with .txt or .log extension

This how it looks like:

8. Please, include this in your support request with all the details to speed up the process