How to gather application logs

In case, when we can not reproduce reported issue, we will ask you for application logs. We use this file to investigate what went wrong and if there is any trace of the error. Backend errors can be caused by Jira, our App, other 3rd party apps or scripts. In some cases you will have to contact your server administrator to investigate the problem.

For a better and faster support, please include it in support request.


Important: Please gather logs (Jira/Confluence) just after reproducing bug, it will make logs analysis easier for us


From Jira we need: atlassian-jira.log

Where to find it: 

If you don't have direct access to server, as Jira Administrator, you can use build in support tool to create support .zip file. You can find it in Troubleshooting and support tools:


From Confluence we need: atlassian-confluence.log

Where to find it: 


 In some cases, we will ask you to enable additional logging levels for our application, if attached logs, do not provide sufficient information.