Issue Timeline

History made easier.
See the whole story: the parent and subtasks history on one timeline!
Issue Timeline displays transitions, comments and field changes in one place in graphical form.

The idea behind

The main reason for why this app was created was to show whole issue history visually on timeline, so you can get better grasp on how issue was changing in past. On timeline you will easily see how much time issue spent on each status, when it was transitioned, field changed or when it was commented on and by who. It really helps to easily get issue history information just by looking at graphical timeline, compared to raw data in issue history without any visual reference. Issue Timeline also allows you to view history of parent task or subtasks, so you can easily compare them, and see how they was changing in time in relation to the main task.

Getting started

Jira Administrator: needs to install app

In order to use the app in Jira it needs to be installed by user with permission to install apps.

Please contact your Jira Administrator with links to our app if you would like to try it on your Jira.

Each user interested in using app: needs to allow access to their account for app

Forge apps are specific, they run in the Atlassian ecosystem and in most cases each user needs to grant access for the app. It looks like this:

  1. When you see new section from app, it will ask you to ‘Allow access’

  2. It will open a new page, where you need to authorize app

  3. When done, you will see the view created by app

How to use it

App just displays the history so there is no much to do, except analysing the history and seeing the progress and how events occured on the timeline. From the actions which can be chosen is ability to load Parent / Subtask - depending on which issue you are viewing the timeline.

View whole issue history and events in one timeline

Get more details for each event


Support & Feedback

If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature or improvement please use our customer portal:

Please remember to choose the correct App from dropdown to make sure it reaches the correct team and it will speed up the process.

If you like our app and find it useful, please leave a rating and feedback - to let other users know about it

What's next for Issue Timeline

We want to expand standard functionality of Issue Timeline and add some more features. Currently we are aiming at:

  • better events grouping, especially when there are many events in small time period,

  • some more statistics about time issue spent on each status,

  • ability to filter events that should be displayed. After that we are looking forward to publish our app on Atlassian Marketplace.


To get more details about the development and challenges we had run into, check our Codegeist 2021 submission: