Assistant for Trello

We got your Trello board covered!
Let your private assistant manage Trello board while you create and transition issues.
Assistant for Trello keeps your board in order reflecting Jira without having nothing to do.


The main inspiration for Assistant for Trello was a situation, where our team had a Trello board with future app improvement ideas. All cards from this board was covered with Jira issues on our instance. Then we updated our issues: some of them has been completed, others has been transitioned into development mode. We checked our board again. What a mess… completely not agreeable with present conditions and it requires manual modification. And here we comes with perfect solution :D.

What it does

It allows you to automatically create and transition Trello cards within Jira. To make it all work first you need to configure Trello API and then fill in other required details for chosen Jira Project. You can also create card manually from specific Jira issue.

Besides this base app operations you can check if your issue is attached with card and look up its details by clicking on link button from Assistant for Trello issue glance view.

Additionally Trello Assistant offers global configuration to disable app from use on some unwanted projects.

Getting started

Jira Administrator: needs to install app

In order to use the app in Jira it needs to be installed by user with permission to install apps.

Please contact your Jira Administrator with links to our app if you would like to try it on your Jira.

App needs to be enabled in desired projects

You can always disable or enable addon in desired project

How to use it

In project with enabled app you need to configure Trello API key & token
You can get your API key by logging into Trello and visiting

Add your API Trello key & token

Next, choose which issue types you would like to use on the bard, and choose Trello board. Additionally chose the list in which newly created cards should appear

Now you can map workflow statues to Trello lists, as in kanban boards

From now on, those setting would be applied to all issue transitions in given project.

But you can do more! All other issues also can trigger creation of Trello cards, you can find Trello Assistant on issue details view.

Support & Feedback

If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature or improvement please use our customer portal:

Please remember to choose the correct App from dropdown to make sure it reaches the correct team and it will speed up the process.

If you like our app and find it useful, please leave a rating and feedback - to let other users know about it

What's next for Assistant for Trello

We see room full of improvements for Assistant for Trello:

  • Use Custom UI to not block some functionalities

  • Prettier UI

  • Configure Trello API tab automatically

  • Update more information (including some fields) on card while updating issue

  • Create multiple cards from one issue

  • Choose what fields should be added to card

  • Allow to create card from issue when card deleted


To get more details about the development and challenges we had run into, check our Codegeist 2021 submission: