Links From Comments

Small, but still very helpful app which made yours commenting easier.
When passing links in comment, the app looks for them and link them automatically to the issue.
With Links From Comments you can forget about manual linking issues!


By working on Jira, we frequently paste links which are related to the issue, but after all we need to link them manually. This is a common problem which pushed as to solution that automate this process for us. With a bit of effort, we made some great improvement.

What it does

The base functionality is to automate linking process, thanks to this yours only responsibility is to write comments. App is reading yours comment and select all links from it. In addition to this, when passing Jira issue link to the comment, app is looking for the context in front of link position and select right relation. Next very important feature is the ability to link confluence wiki pages.

Getting started

Jira Administrator: needs to install app

In order to use the app in Jira it needs to be installed by user with permission to install apps.

Please contact your Jira Administrator with links to our app if you would like to try it on your Jira.

That’s it!

App will run in the background, and add links mentioned in comments

How to use it

Just add comments with links to other Jira issues

Adding comment with links to Jira, Confluence and external links

All links are added automatically

As a result all links are added

App Links From Comments can even handle custom link types:

Go ahead! Give it a try and forget about manual linking!

Support & Feedback

If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature or improvement please use our customer portal:

Please remember to choose the correct App from dropdown to make sure it reaches the correct team and it will speed up the process.

If you like our app and find it useful, please leave a rating and feedback - to let other users know about it

We need to add some more interaction for user. In this case, we want to give user ability to select which links he wants to link. Unfortunately at this moment we are blocked by technology, but also we already have some workaround which will be possibly added in the future. The problem is with ability to call some kind of popup or modal in which we will pass found links.


To get more details about the development and challenges we had run into, check our Codegeist 2021 submission: