Absence Tracker (Codegeist 2020)

Easily track absences of your colleagues with help of the Jira issues!With Absence Tracker you can check if any active user on Issue (like assignee, reporter, etc.) have ongoing or upcoming leave.



We were inspired by our working environment. We can can create issue, assign someone and then… turns out he/she have upcoming vacations in few days. It’s can be problematic, especially in current pandemic times, where we are working mainly from our homes and we have limited communication options than before. Holiday season is not helping either!

It’s also great way to learn Forge and start developing for Jira Cloud!

What it does

It helps you tracking leaves, absences or remote work of your colleagues directly on your Jira Cloud.

But it’s not an ordinary leave tracker! It integrates with Jira and shows upcoming and ongoing absences directly on Jira issue and only for users that are connected to that issue.

What does that mean? After you create issue, or you are viewing others tasks you will see absences only for users that are related to that issue: as reporter, assignee or any other custom user picker fields. Thanks to it you will get instant information about current and upcoming absences for users that are crucial to that issue. Now you will get some time to do important stuff with that task, before others will go on their dream vacation.

After installing our app you will be greeted with an initial setup message. You will need to be logged as admin, so you could create dedicated Jira project and custom fields for logging absences. After initial setup process you will end up will new project “Absence Tracker” with two new custom fields: start/end date. Users then could create new tasks in that project with their absences.

This approach let you store all personal data directly in Jira, without any external services. Additionally it’s easy to get custom absences statistics using Jira's built in issues search with JQL.

For more details visit: https://devpost.com/software/absence-tracker