My Issue Notes (Codegeist 2020)

Add personal notes for Jira issues. Got some notes for issue, but don't want to share it with others? Or maybe you want to create draft for comment and publish it later? We've created app for you!



Sometimes when browsing issues on Jira we want to make quick notes, add some TODOs, create draft of an comment, but we don’t want to share everything with others. Unfortunately everything that we input on issue is publicly visible with others on Jira.

We wanted to change that and add user some space where one can add some quick personal notes about issues. That lead us to our idea for My Issue Notes app.

What it does

My Issue Notes allow users to create their personal notes on Jira issues. Those notes, unlike other fields on Jira, are visible only for users that create them, thus allow them to quickly add their personal todo lists, thoughts about issue, temporary drafts of comments, etc. Each created note can be easily edited or deleted.

Additionally each note can be published as public comment with a click of a button. This gives user ability to create comment drafts as a notes and publish it later. Despite on what computer or browser he/she created that note - notes are saved on Jira issues and can be accessed and published from other devices!

Notes accepts standard markdown syntax. It even keeps proper formatting when publishing them as comments!

Here you can read more about it: