How to force browsers to Hard Refresh / Reload a Page

Before you clear your browser cache, you may want to try this step because it’s much faster and easier (this is what the Pros do).

Basically, when you click on the refresh button in your browser, it will load static content from browser cache. However by using a keyboard shortcut, you can force the browser to bypass cache and download a fresh version of the web page.

Simply press the following keys to force a hard refresh in your web browser.

  • Google Chrome on Mac: Command + Shift + R

  • Google Chrome on Windows & Linux: CTRL + F5

  • Firefox on Mac: Command + Shift + R

  • Firefox on Windows & Linux: CTRL + F5

  • Safari: Command + Option + R

  • Opera on Mac: Command + Alt + R

  • Opera on Windows: Shift + F5

Normally forcing a hard refresh will solve your problem. However if it dose not, then you need to clear your browser cache to make sure that you are seeing the live version of a web page.