Filtering [2.x]

Issue details graph allows to filter displayed issues. There are four available filters:

  • Link type (1)

  • Issue type (2)

  • Issue status (3)

  • Priority (4)

Only issues that match selected criteria are displayed. Criteria are defined by selecting proper options from filters' drop down menu. For issue to be displayed, it has to match one option from each active filter.

The content of the drop-down menus' of filters, reflects options available only in the displayed graph's issues:

The above images present situation where none of possible filters were selected. However, when one does so, then the displayed content's display should shrink. The below example present a situation where Link Type (1) was set to display only the "blocks" type of it, whilst Issue Type (2) was not yet altered:

When Issue Type (2) also becomes changed, then further modification of the graph is to take place:

There might be a situation when an issue that matches all criteria is hidden. It is because the issue has no connection to a root issue due to another one that doesn't match criteria.

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