The graph [2.x]

Core element of the plugin is the graph. It visualizes connections between issues based on defined links. The graph has following features:

  • Click on an issue to display its details below the graph. Selected issue is marked with red border (1)

  • Arrows show the direction and type of a link between issues (2)

  • Open selected issue quickly by clicking on its key (3)

  • Zoom in and out the graph by using mouse wheel (pointer must be placed over the graph)

  • Move the graph, (within its bordered area) by using drag and drop technique. It can be done by pressing left mouse button when pointer is over a an empty space, or a linking arrow.


Every issue displayed in the graph contains such set of information:

  • Issue type icon (1)

  • Issue key (2)

  • Issue priority icon (3)

  • Issue status (4)

Sub-task visible on the graph

Latest version allows you to see issue subtasks, subtasks are marked with a green lines:

Center view

This feature allows you to position the graph back to the center area with single click, you can find it in the right-bottom corner of the graph

Feel free to tell us what topic should be covered: