To hide or erase specific custom fields go to the Administration → System → GDPR Configuration section.

To hide a custom field click on "Add" button and then select specific project and replacement value for this custom field. (Replacement value will be displayed instead of original value).

After hiding the custom field, in specific project all issues with this custom field will be updated with replacement value.

To see the original value of the specific custom field, click on the asterisk symbols.

You can erase and revert the specific custom field. When you click at the "Revert" button all custom fields in issues in this project will be updated with original value.

Changes added in newest package:

  • Access Manager view:

    This view is configurable per project. Place where we can define who in given project can uncover hidden values configurated in global GDPR configuration.
    We have three options to choose privileged:
    -Project roles - if any project role is check, then any user with at least one role has permissions to uncover hidden values.
    -Groups - if logged in user belongs to at least one of privileged group, then he has permissions to uncover hidden values.
    -Users - if logged in user is added to privileged users then he has permissions to uncover hidden values.
    We should remember that if any of three condition is fulfilled then given user has possibility to uncover hidden values.

  • RegExps table:

    We have possibility to add regexps which should be hidden (currently we have two options - EMAIL (with predefined regexp value added in system) and CUSTOM where we can add own regexp). Every text in ISSUE SUMMARY and ISSUE DESCRIPTION which match to given regexp are replaced by many '*' signs, which are links. These links clicked by user which has permissions to uncover value restore original value.
  • Validation for values entered in 'Add new custom field' dialog. We cannot currently enter text for custom fields with number type and there is added validation for char length for:
    -- custom field with text field type - maximum allowed text length is 50.
    -- custom field with number field type -  maximum allowed digits length is 16.