Default share settings

Since: v6.3.0. Jira hosting: Server, Data Center

By default all Scheduled Issues, were private after creation. With access for Jira Administrators and later on with extension for Project Administrators.

Each Scheduled Issue could have been shared at any time with: groups, users, roles or with everyone. It could have been done by a bulk share option.

However it was not the most effective way, we listen to our users feedback and we implemented feature allowing to apply default share settings. When you upgrade to v6.3.0 in global settings you will see table like this, with nothing selected:

1st option is related to ability to edit this on a project level, if left unchecked Project Administrators won’t be able to customize it in their project. In Project settings related to The Scheduler, they will see message:

Nothing is selected, if you leave it this way - nothing changes


Default share settings are applied only to newly created Scheduled Issues - so if you make any changes to the settings it won’t update already created Scheduled Issues. If you make changes after Scheduled Issues are created, than you would need to adjust it manually.

When you add your default settings in global settings, you can select some custom roles, single users or groups:

Make sure to use ‘Save’ button to save changes

When you save the changes, but won’t check the option ‘Enable editing in project settings’, all projects will share those settings, without option to edit it:

All newly created Scheduled Issues, will grant access for included users. After new SI creation in the Access Info panel you will see all default users:


Here you can see in table, how this setting was applied to newly created SI, in contrary to issue created few minutes earlier:


If Jira Administrator enables edition on a project level, you can customize it to your project need, again - this will apply to newly created Scheduled Issues:


From within project settings you can always “Restore” settings - this option (after confirmation) will update sharing settings to the currently set global settings:

Remember you can always adjust share settings from SI table, for already created Scheduled Issues

To benefit from default share settings users need to have access to The Scheduler: