Set status on issue creation

Since: v6.3.0. Jira hosting: Server, Data Center

Since: v2.5.8 Jira hosting: Cloud

When you create a Jira issue, it has the first status from the workflow after the create event. In software projects, it might be the status ‘Backlog’. When you want to transition it to another status, you use any of the available transitions eg. “Start” and issue changes status into “In progress”, or “Selected for development” to add an issue to the issue category “To Do”.

If you are using a Kanban board, you drag issues between columns to change their statuses. But most probably the first column is filled with selected action tasks from the backlog. With a backlog full of tasks, it's easy to lose track of the task which are scheduled and should be done.

Here is an example of a Kanban board from a sample Jira project:

Initial issue status with The Scheduler

The Scheduler allows you to select the desired state of created issue. Now you can Schedule issue right with the status “Selected for development” or “In progress” (see the example of template usage with: ).

You set this status on the 2nd step of the wizard in the Scheduler DC,

or on the 2nd step of the wizard in the Scheduler Cloud.

Feature is not available in next-gen projects in Cloud.

When apps get access to workflows, then we will do our best to implement this feature. Looks like there are some ‘In the works’ changes related to workflows, we are monitoring the situation.


Initial status in Scheduled Issue details page

On the Scheduled Issue details page, you can notice a new label “Status”. This label indicates which status will be set in a newly created issue after the Scheduled Issue execution.

Scheduled Issue preview in Server/DC
Scheduled Issue preview in Cloud

Initial issue status in execution history

In execution history, you can easily check if issues are created as it is planned. However, it is also a good place to check the status of issues when they get created.

Execution history in Server/DC
Execution history in Cloud

Initial issue status - kanban board

For a final confirmation that the issue has been created with a custom status, you can go to the kanban board. The issue should be placed in the column with the correct state.


Remember that within each project, each issue type might have a different workflow, so available statuses in the dropdown might change.

Use this feature with caution, we didn’t want to make it over complicated. If created issue misses required critical to completion data (from any of the steps from initial status to your desired status) or fails on conditions/validators: discuss it with Jira/Project Administrator to include required fields in the create issue screen or make workflow changes.

If you use conditions and validators on workflow transitions eg. you don’t specify required field (e.g because it is not presented on create issue screen) app will fail to transition issue, but issue will be created. We decided it is more important to “create task on time” with default status, than not create it at all. If transition fails, it will trigger a notification of incomplete execution, make sure to set fallback recipient: Scheduler Notifications

With the ability to set created issue status, you can improve your processes and make sure tasks don’t get lost in the backlog. You can optimize your work even further with which can help you to use The Scheduler as a template for Jira issues.


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