Manage columns in SI table

Since: v6.3.0. Jira hosting: Server, Data Center

Above the Scheduled Issues table in the top right corner, there is an option to manage visible columns. Version 6.3.0 brings an option to save those settings and have it applied to all projects (also regardless of browser used). Now you don’t need to change your settings on every project to match your needs. Just chose columns you would like to see each time in the table and use “Save” button.


In project settings in The Scheduler section, Project Administrator can set up columns visible in project ‘by default’. When you uses “Restore” button it will select columns based on project settings. Remember it can be different for each project, because not all users have same project access (or to app in that project).

After using the “Restore” button:

If you like the configuration from the current project, use the ‘Save’ button to save it as your preference

Columns visibility is a users preference setting, applied to all SI table views globally


Due Date field

We have added support for Due Date field, now you can see in more details, when task needs to be done. In current version 6.3.0, it is a ‘settings’ option, exact Due Date will be visible in the created Jira issue. It is only for your reference as it can be changed in created issue.

Here you can see an example with selected due dates in project with due date field configured:

Due Date is also visible in Scheduled Issue details page