Workflow trigger type

In version 5.3.0 we have added new trigger type: Workflow

This trigger type is dedicated for an issue creation based on issue transition. In the last step of the wizard you can specify after which transition you want to create new issue.

You need to remember it affects all issues matching the criteria within project, use it wisely.

Here is an example of workflow (Easy Agile Scrum Workflow For Jira), assigned to issue types "bug" and "story'.

Let's say we want to create a new Task when issue type Story is transitioned from status "In Review" to "Done".

In the first step of the wizard, we need to select issue type Task, in the second step wee need to fill all the details.

In the third step we need to:

  1. Choose issue type: Story

  2. Pick the source status name: In Review

  3. Pick desired targeted status: Done


  • the targeted status is showing only statuses that are available for transitioning from source status

  • there is a check box allowing to select all of the available transition

  • if you like 2/3 options you can add 2 workflow triggers

When you add the trigger you will see the trigger summary:

There is no Execution preview because issue creation is reactive to issue transition.

After saving this scheduled issue you will see the details page, with trigger definition

Now, lets see it in action: Transitioning 'Story' created new 'Task', it is visible in Execution History of Scheduled Issue:

Usage example

Workflow triggers can be used eg. with Epics, when you would like to create a set of stories when Epic shifts into some status.

  1. Create special status available for Epics eg. Phase I

  2. Create Stories in Scheduler

    1. on 2nd step of the wizard use Epic Link (to link it with dedicated Epic)

    2. on 3rd step use workflow trigger type with Epic and it’s target status from the 1st point

  3. When Epic changes status to Phase I, all stories should be created.


Things to consider:

  • when you want to use those stories again remember to change Epic Link, you can do it with bulk edition of scheduled issues

  • with different transitions you can create different scenarios, like an algorithm if Epic change state e.g. to “Accepted” → fire SI for that status, if it goes other direction “Rejected” → then follow different path