Scheduled Issue fails - ,,There are multiple active sprints" error

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What kind of problem is it ?

This error occurs when the Sprint field associated with a Scheduled Issue has a value of Active Sprint. And you have a active Sprint associated with a board whose location is in another project.

Field that this error is associated with

An example of the occurrence of this problem:

Multiple sprints error - preview


How to recognize and resolve this problem:

  1. In company-managed projects

  2. In team-managed projects

In company managed projects

This is the situation when you create two managed projects and then create two sprints (one for each project).

After that you start both sprints.

And finally, in one of these projects, you create a board whose location is the other project with the active sprint (previously created).

Now all issues with active sprint selected will be failing.

To avoid such situations delete this board or remove it from affected project.


In team managed projects

Team managed projects do not give feature of creating multiple boards and having parallel sprints.

Related to documentation:

However, you can create multiple sprints by creating a team-managed project as shown below.

But this solution causes SI execution problems when multiple sprints active.

First, create a JQL expression filter associated with this team-managed project:

Example filter contains:

1 (project = name_of_team_managed_project)

but it can be done in multiple ways.

After this create a board with Issues returned by this filter.

And start sprint with issues on this board.

Also add second sprint to this board and start it - so you have multiple.

Now all issues with active sprint selected will be failing after execution.

To avoid such situations delete this board.