Settings (1) section allows to unlock some features not categorized elsewhere and give you access to application logs in case of needed support, in details:


Automatically adjust the column size for data within cells.

Changes are applied, when issues are imported or refreshed.

Auto fit columns width (1) option resizes columns to fit the content inside that column. Each time you import issues, the column size will update to match the size of the longest cell content.

It is not supported in read-only mode

Auto fit columns width


Search for users newly added/created inside your Jira instance, not available in metadata during import.

Use this if you cannot find Jira users, but you are sure those are valid users.

Inside Optimization section you have an option responsible for Live users fetching (1), check this option if you cannot find users on the sheet, but you are sure they exist in Jira. It will search for those users live in Jira, by default it is turned off.

Live user fetching optimization option

If there is need to disable or re-enable of the drop-down list for supported fields, you can do it here.

* This feature was provided in v 2.4.0

Enable dropdowns list support (1) it allows you to disabled or re-enabled the drop-down list feature for supported fields. After disable / enable feature required is refresh spreadsheet by Refresh button in General menu.

Enable dropdowns list support

After disable this option, the option remains disabled until re-enabled.


When contacting support we might ask you to send app logs. Here you can select type of logger level, chose Logs everything to get the most details.

Active (days): is the number how long logs are persistent.

In case of any issues use ,,Copy" button, to copy current logs to clipboard. Paste it into some text editor, then attach it with your support request

Logger section is responsible for configuring log sensitivity (log level) and obtaining application logs.

In case of any application errors, please include logs in your reported issue, this will speed up the support process.

There are 3 logger levels:

  • Logs everything (1) - logs every situation, etc. warnings, errors, data fetch - use this option to log & report issues which can be reproduced

  • Logs only errors (2 - default option) - gather only error information in the logs

  • Disabled logs (3) - don’t gather any logs

    Logger sensitivity levels

Logs stay in your worksheet, but you can change the number of days to keep them active (1). Use Copy (2) button to copy current logs to your clipboard or save directly to a .txt file using Save (3) button, feature was provided in v2.4.0

Copy and Save application logs

Remember to include logs in case of any bug reports, here is our support: Support Portal