About view

About section contains 3 tabs:


News (1) is the first section of the About section. Here you can read about "What's new" (2) in the latest version of Excel 365 Connector. You also have the version history (3). Form here you can also move to the release notes in documentation: https://psc-software.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ECSD365/pages/1730215941

What’s new section


About (1) contains three subsections:

  • Software Information (2) - information about the browser and operating system used by Excel Connector 365

  • Application Information (3) - the number of the installed version of Excel Connector 365

  • Jira Information (4) - information about the Jira instance, such as platform and addon version

About section with app and environment details


Colors (1) is the last subsection of the About menu. Here you will find information on how to enable ,,Automatically coloring cells” (2). There is also a legend of colors used in Excel cells (3).

Legend of colors used in app

Here you can see coloring in action:

Color usage example
  • Orange - there was a change in priority field

  • Yellow - that’s the row, where the change happened

  • Light Green - that’s the row, where will be data for new issue

  • Green - fields which are required in new issues

  • Red - wrong data eg. not existing issue type